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Emma Bradley

Hi I am Emma,  writer, teacher, public speaker, author  and also the editor at Tots 100  I have been blogging for six years and full time for two. As a qualified teacher, mum to children with interesting health conditions I often write about education and health.  I am a feminist and this shows in some posts, I was previously Head of Sociology in a large comprehensive school in Gloucestershire.  I like wine, clothes and going away (who doesn’t)  I am a total social media addict who also write’s at mums savvy savings  a money and time saving blog.  Emma and 3 has been a finalist in The Mad blog awards in the School Days category (2015) and was awarded ‘Outstanding Contribution’ (2014). I am a HuffPost contributor which can be seen here and I am regularly featured in the local press including the Gloucestershire Citizen.  Together with Lynn James, I have just written and self published Blogging Your Way To Riches which will be available to buy from December 1st 2016.

The ‘other half’ is Lee together since we were 19 and married for 13 years. Lee is an Assistant Headteacher in a local secondary school.

Biggest girl is Chloe, 16 a sports mad fanatic who loves Hockey and Dancing with a passion. She also likes chocolate, alot!

The only boy is Dyl, 12. Bright, articulate, stubborn and laid back is how he is described. He hates Hayfever and worships Aston Villa.

The teeny one, my baby. Erin is 6 and has me wrapped around her fingers. This girl is every essence of the word brave. Born with hip dysplasia she has been to theatre seven times and endured months in a spica casts, she also battles with asthma and is extra bendy due to hypermobility. Bravest person I know

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You can contact me by email here, use the contact form or tweet me here – I look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can collaborate.