14 Best Stunning and Stylish Bedroom Ideas for Women

Romantic Touches

Soft colors can introduce a touch of effortless romance to your room. Think blush lavender, lavender or a soft mint.

lavender bedroom idea for woman

Adding storage to the end of your bed can provide an extra focal point to the room while offering plenty of functionality.

As well as the bedside table, its a perfect place to add some beautiful flowers!

mint green bedroom idea for woman

Flowing fabric add extra elegance and romance to the space. We love the oversized throw in matching mint green here.

A sleek bench at the end of the bed adds length to the bed and gives the opportunity to display even more green.

french bedroom ideas for woman

For a really romantic touch, try adding a piece of vintage furniture. A classic French dressing table can add so much elegance to your space and works well with soft, subtle colors.

Abundant Art

As well as adding color and a focal point to a room, wall art can serve as a powerful expression of your individual style and personality.

modern bedroom ideas for women

This framed art set perfectly fills space the between bed and ceiling, adding height to the room. The art matches the gray and white tones seen in the rest of the room for a really calm and consistent feel.

pink modern bedroom idea for women

More vibrant pieces like this stunning pink work add so much energy and vibrancy to the room. Pair this with slightly more subtle shades throughout the room, such as bedding, for an excellent depth of color.

Scandi Simplicity

If you’re looking for a light and airy design that has a focus on functionality, a simple scandi bedroom style could be the perfect fit.

modern bedroom ideas for women

In true scandi style, this room has a neutral color palette with small pops of muted tones.

vanity desk bedroom ideas for women

A common feature of scandi interior design is the use of natural materials like wood and simple, functional furniture. We love the clean lines and simplicity of this dressing table, which could fit perfectly in a nook or between a wardrobe and window.

Vintage Glam

You can incorporate so much character in to a room by including antique or vintage furniture pieces!

vintage bedroom ideas for women

This room has so much charm. We love the matching button back chair and headboard combination in this space. The decor is elevated with clean white panelled walls.

vintage bedroom ideas for women

A true vintage space. We love how pink and cream has been used alongside antique furniture to make a warm and cozy space.

Luxurious Haven

Rich textures, bold colors and plush fabrics are common features of rooms with a luxurious feel and they can be replicated in your bedroom space.

luxury bedroom idea for grown woman

A combination of neutral colors and bold textures complement the wall art and curtains in this space. The plush bed frame is inviting and creates a luxurious and cozy space!

luxury bedroom ideas for women

Statement lighting fixtures next to and above the bed and a plush bedframe add a sense of luxury calm to the space.

Elegant and Classic

For a truly classic bedroom style, go for timeless furniture pieces with ornate detailing. Pair this with soft color schemes such as creams, or a touch of pastels or muted tones.

elegant bedroom idea for woman

Use elegant fabrics, like on this bed bench, or velvet for bedding and curtains.

Modern and Minimalistic

Neutral color palettes, simple lines and functional furniture are all features of a modern and minimal bedroom space.

minimal bedroom ideas for women

If you’re looking for a modern bedroom space fit for a queen, try to utilize storage solutions to maintain a clutter-free space.

minimal black and white female bedroom ideas

Incorporate sleek and contemporary decor elements, like these bedside lamps or minimal wall art pieces.

Vanity Areas

If you have space, vanity areas are a great addition to your bedroom haven.

vanity desk bedroom ideas for women

This space has a vanity desk with chair, mirror and additional storage. Using neutral colors and small metallic decor, this area is functional and stylish!

vanity desk bedroom ideas for women

We love how flowers are used in this vanity area. Bringing together various decor elements, the beautiful pink flowers in the vase work so nicely with the floral accent wallpaper.

Hotel Chic

Want to capture the feeling of being whisked away on holiday and all of the pampering that comes with it? Capture the fusion of a female bedroom with some hotel chic features.

hotel bedroom ideas for women

This beautiful clean room uses clean whites and subtle, pink pastel colors. A functional bedside table and wall art with complementary grays and pinks completes this simple but plush feminine hotel style.

luxury hotel bedroom ideas for women

If you want to go for a more opulent and luxurious hotel style, then we think this design may be the inspiration you need! Think moody colors and velvet with draping fabrics for a darker look.

Vibrant Color Bursts

To introduce a burst color, try adding small decor elements. This could be furniture, wall art or cushions… or all three as seen in the idea below.

vibrant bedroom ideas for women

Nooks For Productive Moments

Reading nooks add so much character and warmth to your bedroom space.

reading nook bedroom ideas for women

This cozy reading nook is perfect for downtime when you don’t yet want to get into bed, or as a mini vanity desk!

Stunning Storage Options

Functional spaces are the best! Try incorporating storage solutions to areas that would otherwise be unused, such as above and next to the bed. We love this shelving idea.

storage bedroom ideas for women

Clean and Serene Neutral Colors

For a clean and serene bedroom, use neutral colors.

japandi bedroom ideas for woman

These are commonly seen in the japandi bedroom style, which is a favorite for those who want to combine scandi simplicity and japanese design.

Cozy Chic

Our final idea is a classic… cozy chic! You can’t go wrong with this idea.

cozy chic bedroom ideas for woman

Keep it cozy with beautiful bedding and plush tonal cushions. A buttoned headboard adds to the chic vibe.

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